Carnal Catsuit Cravingss Full Porn Video


Sexy babes will be drawn to the cravingss of a sexy male escort who was known as Carnal Catsuit. This guy worked in the nightlife of Las Vegas and would seduce gorgeous women with his special service. His nickname was a sign of how he treated his customers. He could turn some women on but mostly the ones that were wealthy and not that attractive. These women in turn would pay for this type of service because they wanted Carnal Catsuit to take them home.

Carnal Catsuit Cravingss

Men wanted to meet this guy and want to have him sign up with them so they could have the ultimate fantasy. But as time went by Carnal Catsuit started losing his mind. He got so into his work that he had nothing left but his cravingss to give. He lost all contact with his girlfriend and he began to become a walking disaster.

The girls that he seduced no longer wanted to take him home because they saw him as a threat to their safety. Some women had even decided to make a lot of noise about it and call the police and they actually turned him into the El Rey network.

Carnal Catsuit Cravings ( Brazzers Karma Rx )

His skin has turned white and then he couldn’t eat anymore and his hair began to fall out of his head and he was bleeding badly. Some of the girls found out that the guy that they thought was Carnal Catsuit was actually the one that was having an affair with their boyfriends.

El Rey found out about this and he didn’t do anything about it because the guys were boyfriends but he didn’t want to get a reputation for being a mean ass. El Rey was finally fired from the company and they only showed up for one episode and they were not hired back. There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered and the fans are now angry and are mad because of what happened.

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Date: June 2, 2020

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