Dee Williams Making Assmends Porn Full Video in HD


Making Assmends Full Video is an online video that was originally created by Dee Williams. The video features all the damages done by someone that has had a run in with the law and wants to make up with the offender. The original of the video itself is still available on YouTube and is no longer new, but the extended version of the same can be viewed at the moment.

Dee Williams Making Assmends

To make full amends full video, a person makes copies of a few copies of the original and then puts them all together into one high definition version.

Dee Williams also created a second video for this exact same topic. She’s called Making Assmends Full Video 2.0 and she states in her video that she is trying to get more people to take the more creative approach when they post videos to YouTube.

The second version of this also features the same approach that Dee has done in the first video. Some of the changes that she’s had made include having the offender give his or her side of the story and actually answer questions. The original version of Making Assmends Full Video has plenty of controversy and that is what really drove the person who was caught doing the most damage to get involved.

Making Assmends Dee Williams

Dee Williams did not make a lot of money from this because of the controversy. She claims that if the situation would have been handled differently it might have been a huge hit. This is a topic that many people that are busted for committing crimes do not want to be known about.

But then again, one has to wonder if making amends full video to your own face and then handing the video over to the media is actually worth the information that you get out of it. It does give a great example of a person that had a hard time forgiving and coming back from what they had done.

Date: June 1, 2020

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